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By working in equal partnership with:

  • NHS Leeds
  • Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Macmillan Cancer Support
  • Prostate Cancer Charity UK
  • Leeds City Council
  • BME Cancer Alliance UK
  • Schools and other Education Providers
  • Voluntary Sector organisations
  • National Cancer Action Team

…. to supply equality of access to Health and Social Care provision within Leeds, the Yorkshire Region and Nationally for disadvantaged and marginalised communities.

We encourage our members who show enthusiasm to access the training provided in partnership with outside agencies to become active in:

  • Forums
  • Patient Involvement activities
  • Representation on boards
  • Become members of various bodies e.g. Leeds Community Healthcare Trust

We support active members and facilitate feedback to the wider community.

BHI understands the importance of effective Community Engagement which affords minority communities opportunities to engage with service providers and influence services, policies and procedures with the emphasis of deliberate inclusion.

BHI were the first 3rd sector organisation to receive the NHS Personal, Fair and Diverse Champion Award.

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