“Fusion Café  is our café which caters primarily for the elders in the Leeds 7 and 8 areas of Leeds..  It is named Fusion as we encouraged all generations to come in and enjoy a healthy balanced meal where they receive information on other services through presentations from voluntary organisations/statutory service providers and others who believe it is ‘hard to reach’ individuals/communities.  This has helped many access services who otherwise would not have done for many reasons.  Barriers either real and/or perceived.  We also encourage all to participate in the 30 minute exercise at the café too.

The café tackles social isolation by being the place that many come to once a week for the social interaction.  We put on BBQs and Occasion Dinners also where regular attenders are encouraged to being along a family member and/or friend.

We are proud to announce we are now Dementia Friendly with all volunteers and staff being trained as Dementia Friends.   Many of our activities incorporate stimulating ventures e.g. Reminisce Box, Back in the Day days etc and we continue to train through our Dementia Training, family and friends raising awareness of this issue which many are only recently being faced with through supporting parents/friends/family members which the diagnosis having very little knowledge of this illness indeed not recognising the signs and symptoms that may be there as this is very new in the aging ethnic population here in Leeds and the UK generally