The project works to effectively to engage marginalised and disadvantaged women from minority communities throughout the city of Leeds.  The project addresses health inequalities through holistic, targeted bespoke led health activities and focused group work.


Provides information and advice on sexual health including, STI prevention, testing and treatments. The project raises awareness of gynaecological issues affecting disadvantaged and marginalised women within our communities throughout the city of Leeds.


The project undertakes health clinics in working partnership with various NHS departments and initiatives and other specialist health  professionals to raise awareness, give advice and inform women within community settings of health issues with long-term effects. Specialists with a range of skills and experiences staff the health clinics which BHI co-ordinate. BHI has devised health check cards, which are completed by the attending specialist and the women are encouraged to take them to their GP’s for follow-up where necessary.

There is clear evidence of under representation of early presentation from minority communities to GP’s in relation to long-term health issues that disproportionately affects these communities.  The health clinics are the vehicle by which BHI facilitate specialists and community service users to begin the process of discussing fears and expectations to allow for early presentation.

Let’s Talk

The project has developed chat room style focus groups, a confidential arena where women can come and talk about health issues, with staff, specialists, other sufferers and survivors, in a space where women will be heard and have their concerns addressed.

These sessions have to date included:

  • Lupus
  • Chronic stress
  • Fibroids
  • Endometriosis

The focus groups topics are needs led by specialists and the concerns raised by the women attending.

Health and Well-being Courses

The project is continually developing short courses to support the needs of women within our communities. The courses cut across the range of the services provided by BHI.

Previous courses included:

  • Hand Massage
  • Healthy Caribbean cooking course
  • Speakeasy for parents with young children

These courses are co-produced with specialists and women from the community as a needs led provision.